Contents and Users Guide Introduction

Sample Topics with both Questions and Tasks

Ask and Task
Questions and Activities
for Communication Practice

By Nancy Ellen Zelman


Intermediate to Advanced
Middle School to Adult

Ask and Task - $28.00

ISBN : 978-0-86647-503-7

About the book

Nancy Zelman has rewritten and updated many of the Questions (conversation prompts) and Tasks (activities and projects). She has sharpened the issues and brought them up-to-date for the 2020s. This book is divided into two parts: Questions and Tasks. There are 40 topics with two or four pages of Questions (conversation prompts) and one page of Tasks for each topic. All the material is presented as sheets of photocopyable cards. The material is intended for use with English language learners at the intermediate proficiency level, and it is best used with high school and adult groups. With some adaptation, however, the book can also be used with middle school students or with any group who want conversation practice.

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