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Writing In English
Step by Step

Beginning. Middle School to Adult

A systematic approach to writing clear, coherent,
grammatically-correct paragraphs.

For ESL students and native English speakers
with limited knowledge of English grammar and
sentence structure

by Elizabeth Weal
illustrated by Anastasia Ionkin

Writing in English $20.00

ISBN 13: 978-0-9796128-2-4
ISBN 10: 0-9796128-2-9


Writing in English
Step by Step

by Elizabeth Weal
illustrated by Anastasia Ionkin

This book is for students with limited knowledge of English grammar. It offers them a systematic approach to writing as they progress slowly and methodically, with ample practice at each step along the way.

The book starts with the basics - the difference between a word, a sentence, and a paragraph. It teaches the difference between a paragraph and a list, and how to distinguish complete and incomplete sentences.

The following aspects of basic writing are covered:

* Conventions: punctuation and capitalization
* Fundamentals of a paragraph: topic sentence, supporting information
* Sentence structure: simple, compound, and complex
* Grammar: simple present, present continuous, past, and future
tense/aspect constructions and usage; negative sentences; stative
verbs; nonreferential there is/are; frequency adverbs; and adjectives
* Parts of speech

The book can be used as a text in ESL, ABE, or basic composition classes. All necessary instructions to the teacher are in the book.

By the author of Gramatica del ingles: Paso a paso/English Grammar: Step by Step


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