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Explanation (and Warning):

Over the years, some of the topics in The ESL Miscellany have been limited or removed from the printed paper edition. This has been done for a variety of reasons. In some cases, we felt that most of those using the book might want a limited or focused topic while others would want more. Examples are the Nursery Rhymes and the information on Native Peoples of North America. The material though interesting in itself seemed to be of limited usefulness for most teachers and students. Another topic, the illustrated page "Human and Animal Body Parts" in the topic The Body and Its Function, didn't fit the general format of the book, so it was cut. It is offered here because it is fun and useful.

We have always encouraged teachers to let us know what they find useful in The ESL Miscellany and what they feel could be improved. In response, some teachers have very clearly let us know that they have considered a couple of the topics to be both offensive and in bad taste. They disapproved of the topics and of the "bad language." It was, of course, never our intention to offend anyone. The ESL Miscellany is a teacher resource, and we have always assumed that teachers will be careful and sensitive in choosing material to be shared with their students.

Nevertheless, as of the fourth edition, we have not put these pages back in the book. It seemed best to leave them out so that we wouldn't offend the concerned teachers. However, this presented us with a dilemma. Many other teachers have told us how much they have valued having these difficult materials in the book. For their sakes, we are putting them on our website, giving permission to anyone to print them and photocopy them for classroom use.

If you find any of the pages in this website supplement offensive, please forgive us.

If on the other hand, you find them helpful and wish to use them, please make it clear to your students that this information, this language is offensive to many people. For some students it may be important to understand what is said to them, but we encourage you to make it clear that it is probably best for them not to use this language themselves.

Supplementary Material

Nursery Rhymes (12 page PDF file - 135 K)
Native Peoples of North America (3 page PDF file)
Human and Animal Body Parts
Hygiene and Contraception
Curses and Oaths
The Body: Vulgarities

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