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The ESL Miscellany
A treasury of cultural and linguistic information
Teacher Resource

Sixth Edition

Raymond C. Clark
Arthur A. Burrows
Patrick R. Moran

(360 pages)

The ESL Miscellany - Digital 5th Edition -

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(352 pages)

ISBN: 978-0-86647-394-1


The ESL Miscellany, a compendium of useful and interesting information for teachers and English Language Learners.

It can be used these ways:

as a resource for developing your own lessons or a complete curriculum.
as a photocopyable source for handouts.
as a guideline for those who practice eclecticism.
as a reference book for advanced students of English anywhere in the world.

For a fuller explanation of the purpose and scope of this resource, see the introduction and table of contents using the links above.

About the 6th edition.

It has been nearly 40 years, since 1981, when we first published this resource for teachers working with English language learners around the world. We have continually updated and revised it with the help and advice of many friends and creative teachers.

How do we explain the The ESL Miscellany? It is our desert island book. As one enthusiastic teacher said, "I travel and teach all over the world, sometimes in remote locations. This is the one book I always have with me." The best way to explore its riches is to visit our webstore and read the introduction and the complete table of contents, sample pages, teacher reviews, and the supplementary web-only material.

How do teachers use the book? As a suggestive reference when they do lesson plans, prepare handouts, develop curriculum, and write materials.

What's in it? The book gives ideas and photocopyable vocabulary lists supporting most of what we do as ESL/EFL teachers today. Sure there is a lot of information on the web; however, in The ESL Miscellany it is all in one place, and it is tried and true.

First, there are the Introduction explaining the book and a effective, economical Lesson Plan designed to foster Interplay, our learner-centered teaching approach.

Next as the Linguistic Aspect of what we present as English language teachers, there are 79 pages of linguistic material on the phonology, morphology and lexicon, and the grammar of English. The material is included to guide and supplement what we teach from even the best textbooks.

The Communicative Aspect section of the Miscellay includes ten situations to be presented in lessons and discussed, such as health and safety, personal and family needs, shopping and services, recreation, and citizenship. Then there are also 63 topics to teach about – for example, cooking, human relationships, natural resources, math, the body, hotels, banking, law, the media, college, history, energy and the environment, and finally death. The Communicative Aspect is rich with vocabulary you may want to teach, again supplementing your textbooks. And finally, It is important that we as teachers also focus on communicative functions. The Miscellany includes four lists of functions to be considered at different proficiency levels.

In this sixth edition there are 45 cultural topics. This Cultural Aspect of what we teach has been expanded, revised, and updated. It includes U.S. and Canadian geography, government, and history, and information on sports, superstitions, education, and the media. In the section called The Metalinguistic Aspect there are 17 metalinguistic topics including a glossary of grammatical terms, spelling rules, a high-frequency word list, abbreviations, road signs, and an atlas. Of particular interest are new topics in this Sixth Edition on the Oral Alphabet and a Pronunciation Assessment tool.

And lastly, there is what we call The Paralinguistic Aspect. The topics include a presentation on the International Sign Alphabet and photographs of American gestures and their meanings.

We would like to stress that in order to make all this material as useful as possible, everything in The ESL Miscellany has always been photocopyable.

"I love the ESL MISC. book! It saved my life teaching overseas. Thanks!"
Charles Kinney, Jr. Ann Arbor, Michigan

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