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To the ESL teacher:

"This book is a compendium of useful and interesting information for ESL teachers. It can be used 3 ways:

* as a resource for developing your own materials
* as photocopyable handouts for students.
* as a guideline for those who practice eclecticism

Because published textbooks are never completely satisfactory for a particular class, most teachers expect (or prefer!) to supplement the assigned text with their own exercises and activities. For this purpose, The ESL Miscellany is uniquely helpful, and it is organized in a way that is both professionally sound and pedagogically convenient.

Any teacher committed to teaching ESL, whether to intensive, academic-bound students, recently arrived immigrants and refugees, or illiterate adults needs a variety of reference and resource books. The ESL Miscellany is a bargain at $28.00. And remember: this includes the right to reproduce any of its 292 pages!"

--Richard Yorkey, St. Michael's College, Burlington, Vermont in the NNETESOL newsletter.

To the EFL teacher:

"You could take this book with you to teach in Indonesia, Warsaw, or Urungi, and you'd use it every day." So said an enthusiastic purchaser of this book at the TESOL Conference last March. I think she is probably right. This is a resource for developing materials; it's a guideline/checklist of facts and information, and it has many lists which can be used as handouts.... A very useful book!"

--Alice Kilian, ESL Instructor, Outreach, Vancouver Community College, in the TEAL newsletter.

To the ESL/EFL tutor:

"The ESL Miscellany is perfect for my private tutoring endeavors. Obviously, my lesson planning is truly individualized and, furthermore, my approach is student centered. I like to mix and match techniques. A set of guidelines and checklists is what I needed. I really like the way the material is organized and presented."

--Miriam Lopez, Tutor, North Arlington, New Jersey.

"As a new ELT coordinator, I've been scanning dozens of ESL books and curricula that were previously ordered. I was positively thrilled upon discovering The ESL Miscellany, not only with its broad scope of topics, but with the organized way it is presented. It's no wonder ESL instructors continue to mention it and liken it to their bible! Thanks so much for this thoughtful and helpful book. I plan to use it until it's dog-eared!"

-- Mary Ann Leone, ELT Coordinator, U.S. Citizenship Instructor

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