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The Dice Frames

The Dice Book
Speaking and Writing Activities for English Language Learners

By Kevin McCaughey

A Photocopyable Full-color Resource

Low-Intermediate to Advanced
Middle School to Adult

The Dice Book, text - $28.00

ISBN: 978-0-86647-490-0

The Dice Book

Speaking and Writing Activities for English Language Learners

It's simple, fast, and easy to do. There are 112 photocopyable activities using "dice frames" - six prompts for saying something and reacting in small groups. You roll a three and the prompt tells you to talk about your family. The next person rolls a four and talks about their travels, and so on. Examples and additional prompts (erase and replace) are included in each activity. The prompts can also be used for writing. The Dice Frames is a compete printable collection of all and only the frames. They are larger than those in the book and may be used in lieu of printing and handing out the entire page or writing the frame on the board. Click on the link above and print out any you want to use. There are three main types of frames: Open-Ended Speaking, Grammar, and Vocabulary.

Low Intermediate - Advanced proficiency level.

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