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Teaching in the United States
A Guide for International Educators A Professional Resource Handbook


By Julie Damron, PH.D


Teaching in the United States $ 17.50

ISBN 13:978-0-86647-355-2
ISBN 10: 0-86647-355-6



Teaching in the United States
A Guide for International Educators

This handbook is designed to help international educators, whether visiting scholar, professor, secondary school teacher, or teaching assistant, understand and appropriately respond to their experiences as a teacher in the United States.

In the first three sections of the book, Dr. Damron gives a detailed description of the U.S. educational system, describing types of schools and the culture of the American classroom (both of the faculty and the students). Then in a unit on American Educational Practices, she covers traditions and student and teacher expectations. Finally, she focuses on the personal experiences the international educator may expect within both the school and local cultures (particularly how to interact appropriately with other teachers, supervisors, and the school administration). A fourteen-page glossary of terms and expressions that an educator is likely to encounter is appended to the text. Dr. Damron's overall intention is to make an international educator's experience teaching in the United States as comfortable and successful as possible for all concerned.

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