Superphonic Bingo
Breaking the Sounds Barrier
Fun with Phonics for Spelling and Literacy

Low Beginning 3rd Grade and up


by Maryanna Phillips Koehring




Game 1 pages 1-6 (pdf)

Superphonic Bingo
Breaking the Sounds Barrier
Fun with Phonics for Spelling and Literacy

by Maryanna Phillips Koehring

Superphonic Bingo makes phonics practice an enjoyable learning experience. There are 15 photocopyable games, each game with 8 different cards. Two cards in each game are incomplete, allowing you and the students to create additional cards. And each game has a "Teacher List" which is a master list of 55 words that are distributed randomly on the cards. The book also includes a completely blank photocopyable Bingo card for making your own games.

The 15 games proceed from simpler and easier to more challenging. For example, Game 1 uses 5 short vowels and 9 consonants and game 15 uses all vowels and consonants with words beginning with Qu, Z, J, W and Y.

Fun and Easy: 1. Choose a game. 2. Go the copying machine. 3. Play!

Superphonic Bingo Review

By Anna Isozaki (Japan)
Teacher's helper - ESL, EFL, Homeschooling
November 26, 2007

This well-designed resource book is terrific to have on hand for anyone trying to help students or children over the hump from letter recognition to reading. It nicely circumvents the frustration of being faced with sentences to read and builds confidence that they CAN do it.

The games are set up in a logical progression of difficulty, and for each game there is a full list for the teacher (and for pre-teaching), a set of photocopiable ready-made cards for the students, and some cards with blanks for additional writing practice.

One thing I particularly appreciate is the mixing in of some names and words beginning with capital letters. Capitals are often a signal to panic when trying to read a passage, but here they are simply put out there in the non-threatening form of the bingo game, and English learners can relax and get used to them naturally.

Highly recommended as a "break" for students - and break for the teacher.



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