Superphonic Bingo
Breaking the Sounds Barrier
Fun with Phonics for Spelling and Literacy

Low Beginning 3rd Grade and up

by Maryanna Phillips Koehring



Game 1 pages 1-6 (pdf)

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Superphonic Bingo
Breaking the Sounds Barrier
Fun with Phonics for Spelling and Literacy

by Maryanna Phillips Koehring


Superphonic Bingo is designed to help students with literacy and spelling. This book can accompany but does not depend on Pro Lingua's From Sound to Sentence. Each unit is designed to reinforce reading skills while creating a fun atmosphere of game-playing. The games should be played sequentially from Game 1 (five short vowels and nine consonants - given here as a sample for you to try with your class) to Game 15 (all vowels and consonants).

The purpose of Superphonic Bingo is to give practice in recognizing the common spellings of the sounds of English. However, there are differences in pronunciation among national varieties of English, as well as dialect differences and even individual idiolect differences. For example, "pot" is generally pronounced with an o, but some people use an a and even an ô. For this reason, it is important to check your own pronunciation against the words that are used in the games and make changes as necessary.

As in the traditional game of bingo, students will try to cover five spaces horizontally, diagonally, or vertically while applying beginning literacy skills.


It is suggested that the students become familiar with the words in a unit before beginning the game. Since this version of bingo is based on the reinforcement of basic phonic patterns, you should model the pronunciation of each word, noting the spelling similarities and differences within each column. When possible, we have selected frequently-occurring words that most English language learners will be familiar with. You will note, however, that occasionally there are less-familiar words (i.e., game 15 with "zest" and "zeal") in order to exemplify basic English phonics.

Fun and Easy: 1. Choose a game. 2. Go the copying machine. 3. Play!

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