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Using the Puzzles


Solo Duo Trio
Puzzles and Games
for Building English Language Skills

by Richard Yorkey

Beginning to Advanced Proficiency
5-12, Adult
Tutoring and Classroom
Photocopyable Resource

Price: $16.50

ISBN:10: 0-86647-091-3
ISBN 13: 978-0-86647-091-9

Solo Duo Trio

Over his long career teaching in Lebanon, Canada, and Vermont, among other places, Richard Yorkey invented and collected puzzles and games for his students. In this collection he chose 128 paper and pencil puzzles of 18 different types (Reproducible Blackline Masters). They can be used by individuals, pairs, triads, or small groups, at home, in study hall, or with a tutor. They also provide short, in-class activities useful for students who finish classwork early, to break the pace, to fill in before the bell rings, or just for fun! Solo, Duo, Trio helps students develop their vocabulary and gives spelling and grammar practice in the context of game playing. Learners can write in the book itself, or you can provide your students with lots of attractive photocopied handouts of the individual puzzles.


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