The Great Big Book of Crosswords
About The Author

Emma Iulo has been involved in adult literacy for 20 years, as tutor, puzzle-maker and literacy office librarian. Nearly 500 of her puzzles have been published by New Readers Press, and over 200 by ProLiteracy International (formerly Laubach Literacy Action).

Crossword-maker Emma Iulo has put together an enjoyable collection of crossword puzzles for literacy and ESL students. 60 crosswords are arranged in five categories:

* Numbers
* Letters and Words
* Letter Play
* Word Play
* Topics

Why crosswords?
Playing with language encourages creative thinking, and creative thinking leads to language acquisition: to play is to learn, and at Pro Lingua we have long been a leader in encouraging play in the classroom. The crosswords and their solutions are photocopyable. Use them with the students who come to class early or finish their work early. Use them as a paired activity in which the students talk with each other as they attempt to complete the puzzle.


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