Taking Students Abroad
A Complete Guide for Teachers
by: Maggie Brown Cassidy
Teacher Resource

Price: $5.00

ISBN: 0-86647-028-X

Most of us at one time or another have considered taking a group of students abroad. It is a perfect way to give our students an opportunity to develop their communicative skills and gain real insight into both a new culture and their own. Of course, organizing such a trip is a formidable task, but . . .

Taking Students Abroad will help you every step of the way. It explains step-by-step how to plan and carry out all aspects of a student trip. Based on her own experience and that of many colleagues, Maggie Brown Cassidy stresses the importance of careful preparation as the key to a successful and enjoyable trip. Taking Students Abroad is full of practical ideas for deciding where to go and what to do, getting school and community support, publicizing the trip, fund raising, orientation, and planning a return exchange of students coming to the U.S. At the heart of the book is this advice: involve your students and their families in the whole process of designing the trip (whether a homestay or tour); these preparations and learning to work together cooperatively are fun and a vital part of the educational experience. With its chronological organization and open format, Taking Students Abroad is an easy-to-use handbook with hundreds of specific suggestions.



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