Modal Charts ii

Introduction ix
What are Modal Verbs? x
Questions Often Heard about Modals xi

Unit 1, in Egypt 1
Can, Be able to, Could

Unit 2, in Ecuador 9
Mustn't, Can't, Couldn't

Unit 3, in Thailand 16
Should, Ought to, Might want to, Had better
Unit 4, in Japan 25
Obligation & Necessity
Must, Have to, Have got to, Need to, Be to
Not have to, Need not (Not need to)

Unit 5, in Brazil 34
May, Could, Can

Unit 6, in France 44
Could, Can, Would, Will, Would you mind

Unit 7, in The United Arab Emirates 52
Would, Would like to, Could, Can, Shall
Unit 8, in Malaysia 60
Desire & Preference
Would like (to)
Would prefer (to), Would rather, Would sooner
Unit 9, in China 71
Future & Willingness
Will, Be going to, Be about to
Be willing to

Unit 10, in India 79
May, Could, Might

Unit 11, in Mexico 90
Should, Ought to
Must, Have to, Have got to

Unit 12, in Germany 99
Past Habitual Actions
Would, Used to

Unit 13, in Turkey 109
Modals in Direct & Indirect Speech

Unit 14, in Italy 113
Modals in Conditionals

Answer Key 117


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