The Sanchez Family
Now, Tomorrow, and Yesterday
by Bob Rich
Illustrations by Nancy Shrewsbury Nadel
Level: Beginning proficiency. Middle/High School/Adults


Student Text: $14.00

ISBN: 0-86647-182-0

Teacher's Guide: $9.50
ISBN: 0-86647-188-X

A beginning-level book for developing spoken language skills and literacy

  • short sentences
  • high frequency verbs
  • limited vocabulary
  • survival-level nouns
  • attention to regular sound spelling combinations

A meaningful text for family literacy programs

Contents and Sample: Present Progressive Tense

Sanchez Family Answer Key

This beginning-level workbook assumes very little knowledge of English. Using illustrations and a series of simple, graded exercises, the learner follows the Sanchez Family through a typical weekend.

Sanchez Family FREE Teacher's Guide (pdf)

Unit One, Saturday Evening (NOW).
We look in on the family as they are doing different things and enjoying the evening - watching, listening, eating, playing, etc. The exercises guide the students through the form and meaning of the present progressive verb phrase and its use to describe the real present: an action in progress as we speak or look.

Unit Two, Sunday (TOMORROW).
What is the family going to do on Sunday?
They're going to the park. And at the park they're going to swing, slide, run, kick, climb, etc., etc., and they are going to top off the day with an ice cream. The learner works with the "be going to" phrasal modal to express a fture event that has been planned.

Unit Three, At the Supermarket (YESTERDAY).
We learn about what the family did when they went to the supermarket. Everyone had a job. Carmen took a shopping cart, Maria looked for pet food, Carlos reached for tortilla chips, Pedro squeezd the oranges, and finally they all checked out and carried things home. As they filled their baskets, the learner also worked on regular and irregular verbs - high frequency verbs - 32 by the end of the unit.

A Teacher's Guide provides suggestions as well as photocopyable supplementary activities.



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