Rhymes 'n Rhythms
A reproducible teachers' resource of 32 Rhymes
by: Lisa Tenuta
Beginner to Intermediate. Middle School to Adult.

Text $14.00

ISBN: 0-86647-133-2


CD: $7.50

ISBN: 0-86647-176-6


Rhymes & Rhythms Package: Text & CD $21.50

ISBN: 0-86647-179-0


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Rhymes 'n Rhythms includes 32 new and original rhythmic rhymes for reading and saying aloud in the classroom. The rhymes progress from shorter and easier rhymes that focus on questions, places, and time, to longer more lexically challenging topics such as color, clothing, the body, occupations and food.

Pronunciation skills. These Rhymes 'n Rhythms can be used to reinforce vowel sounds. The very regular and rhythmic lines are excellent for working on stress, intonation, reduction, linking and assimilation of individual English sounds.

Most importantly, these rhymes are enjoyable! They are light, catchy and playful. Three actors on the tape bring out the natural rhythms and humor of the verses.

In the text are teaching suggestions and language notes for each rhyme to encourage the teacher to go beyond simple choral work.

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