Pearls of Wisdom: African and Caribbean Folktales
Raouf Mama and Mary Romney
with illustrations by Siri Webber Feeney
Levels: Elementary/High School to Adult
Intermediate to advanced proficiency


Puerto Rico: A Fisherman and his Dog

Haiti: How Goat Moved to the Village


News: Mary Romney


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by Ann Berlak

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Hands-on English


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Text $14.00

 ISBN: 0-86647-134-0

Workbook - integrated language skills $12.50
ISBN: 0-86647-136-7

Student Package - text & workbook $26.50
ISBN: 0-86647-137-5

2 CDs $12.50
ISBN: 0-86647-200-0

Complete CD Package - text, workbook, 2CD's $39.00
ISBN: 0-86647-201-0

Text & CD Package - text, 2 CDs $26.50
ISBN: 0-86647-218-5

There are three components to this fascinating and enjoyable collection of stories from Africa and the Caribbean: The Listening and Reading Book, The Integrated Language Skills Workbook, and a Recording of the folktales on 2 cassettes or 2 CD's. The stories have been collected by Dr. Raouf Mama, a West African Griot (master story teller).

The text contains twelve stories for reading and/or following along with Dr. Mama's authentic and dramatic recording. Reading is at the intermediate skill level.

The workbook is designed to maximize language learning by providing a variety of exercises in all skill areas and vocabulary development. The answers are provided in the back of the book for easy self-study or homework.

The recordings bring the stories to life, allowing the listener to experience the power and excitement of involvement in an oral tradition, a tradition as old as civilization itself.

The collection includes: How Chameleon Became a Teacher (Benin), Why Hawk Preys on Chicks (Nigeria), Pearl of Wisdom (Gabon), Anancy and the Guinea Bird (Antigua), How Goat Moved to the City (Haiti), Why Cat and Dog Are Always Fighting (Cape Verde), A Fisherman and His Dog (Puerto Rico), Monkey's Argument with Leopard (Congo), and four other classic tales.

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