The New Boy Is Lost
A Full-Color Picture-Based Novel for Children
by: Elizabeth Claire
2nd grade through Middle School, Entry level to intermediate


The New Boy is Lost Reader $12.00

ISBN 0-937630-12-8

 The New Boy Is Lost is an exciting and frightening story about the adventures of a boy new to the United States. He gets lost in the city on his way home from school. His parents, new classmates from many countries, and the police are looking for him. With no money and only a few words of English, he finds his way home.

This is a real-life story all students can identify with
The picture-novel format is familiar and engaging
For preliterate/beginning readers as well as intermediates
One full-color picture for each sentence.
Discussion: Survival skills, multicultural cooperation, problem solving,
safety, getting help, making friends

The CD - The entire story is read dramatically by the author. Students can follow along easily in the book.

The Teacher's Guide
Chapter-by-chapter teaching tips




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