The "Living In" Series:

Living in the South Korea
Rob Whyte and Kyoung-Mi Kim
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ISBN: 0-86647-222-3
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This is an insightful introduction to the culture of South Korea by a Canadian and his Korean wife. They give vital, fascinating information and advice for teachers, business people, and students working in Korea. Their primary focus is on the differences between Korean and Western culture, although they give much attention to survival needs, Korean foods and restaurants, history, geography, politics, and government, the Korean language, and the challenges of finding work in Korea.

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Living in South Korea
Rob Whyte & Kyoung-mi Kim
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The latest volume in the "Living In" series for travelers and would-be foreign residents, Living in South Korea: How to Feel at Home, Make Friends and Enjoy Everyday Life is a basic primer for business and pleasure travelers as well as prospective residents of South Korea. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs, Living in South Korea does not offer maps or information about tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and the like; instead, the focus is upon delivering a solid primer of Korean culture and manners. From how and when to bow, to rules of etiquette concerning gift giving and who pays when going out, to warnings of what to expect when searching for a job teaching English (such as the importance of bringing an original university diploma, at least two letters of recommendation, and several original copies of a police check from one's local police department indicating no criminal record), to types of employment opportunities available, and much more. There is a brief summary of the Korean language and a pronunciation guide, but no phrasebook - Living in South Korea is not intended as a substitute for Korean language reference or study materials. An absolute "must-have" for anyone considering a visit to South Korea.

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