The "Living In" Series:

Living in Japan
Craig Sower and Mitsuko Tsuda
©1999 - 2nd Edition
Price: $5.00
ISBN: 0-86647-106-5


This is a detailed introduction to the culture of Japan written by Craig Sower, who lives in Japan with his wife Mitsuko.

"All students who come to Japan to study in the Friends World Program receive a copy of Living in Japan in their orientation packets as soon as they arrive in Kyoto. Not only does it provide the necessary basic survival information for new arrivals, but it also presents a clear and insightful perspective into the values and mores of a very complex society. Anyone being introduced to Japanese culture, whether for business or education, will find that this book will ease their way. From an academic standpoint, it is invaluable in helping our students process, analyze, and make connections within the different areas of Japanese culture."
--Barbara Stein, Director, East Asia Center, Friends World/
Long Island University




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