The "Living In" Series:

Living In Greece
Lyn Waldie
©2004 - 1st Edition
Price: $5.00

ISBN: 0-86647-102-2


You'll have a great adventure living or traveling in Greece. Greece is not only home to one of the world's oldest civilizations; it is also a modern seaside paradise with white-washed Aegean islands bathed in sunshine. There's an island to appeal to everyone's taste ranging from trendy and lively to isolated and quiet. Athens is a living museum steeped in history, and a bustling metropolis that never sleeps. It's also one of the safest places in Europe to travel in. English is widely spoken making it quite easy to get around. There are also some challenges to living in Greece. Dealing with bureaucracy in one form or another is typically the main problem. And the chaotic traffic and smog in Athens can also get on your nerves.

This guide is an introduction to Greece. It'll help you plan your trip, and get you oriented once you're there. First Steps covers such topics as money, food, finding a place to stay, and shopping - the practical things you need to know when going to a new country. There's also information on finding work and getting visas if you plan to stay there for any length of time. Customs and Values looks at some of the Greek traditions such as marriage and baptism, name days, and the importance of family and religion. Cross-cultural Issues takes a look at communication styles, as well as attitudes towards time and space to help you make sense of your new environment. There's also an overview of cultural points like the evil eye, and some Greek words describing uniquely Greek cultural aspects. Country Facts has an overview of Greek history and a rough guide to the arts such as poetry, music, dance, and folk art traditions. In Greek Language you'll find a mini-grammar, some vocabulary, and some useful expressions to get you started. Books About Greece is a selected bibliography of books written about Greece.


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