Who was Nasreddin Hodja?

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Nasreddin Hodja
Stories to Read and Retell

Third edition in the original storycard format.

40 traditional stories,

compiled by Raymond C. Clark

illustrated by Robert MacLean


Nasreddin Hodja: story cards - Paper Edition - $16.50

ISBN 978-0-86647-441-2

Nasreddin Hodja: audio CD $9.50

ISBN: 978-0-86647-215-9

Nasreddin Hodja: cards/audio CD set - $26.00

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Nasreddin Hodja: Story Cards - Digital Edition with Audio -

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ISBN: 978-0-86647-405-4


Nasreddin Hodja
Story Cards
Stories to Read and Retell

This pack of colorful, illustrated cards is back in print by popular demand in the original format, printed on heavy weight (100 lb) paper. The cards can be used as is or laminated. An audio CD including 26 additional tales is available for listening practice.

Each story is on an illustrated card. Learners read it and then retell it to a partner using a list of words or phases from the story on the back of the card as prompts and embellishing it as much as they want to. They can then retell the story several times to other students.

Nasreddin was born in rural Turkey around 1208. He became known as Hodja, the teacher. The stories about his adventures, his common sense, and droll sense of humor became true folk tales, told and retold by adults and children alike for over 700 years. They are known from Gibraltar to the Himalayas, from Timbuktu to Timor to Tajikistan, throughout the whole world touched by Islam.

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