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Clue by Clue
Clue by Clue This photocopyable collection of 31 short mysteries asks your students to be detectives investigating a variety of puzzles and crimes. The students listen to or read a mystery. The first clue is revealed. Discussion follows. A second clue is revealed. More discussion. The picture changes and emerges as the clues are revealed one-by-one and discussed until the mystery is solved or the solution is given.

Go Fish
Go Fish is not just a card game. It is a collection of 86 pairs of brightly colored vocabulary cards showing pictures of things you would find in a home, from knife, fork, and spoon to wastebasket, desk, and computer. The playing cards come bound into a teacher's book, two to a page, to be cut out and used in many different ways.

Got It! is the latest in Pro Lingua's collection of language learning games. It's simple, easy to play, fun , and a learning experience. Similar to the popular game Scattergories, teams compete to come up with a list of words that contains individual words that no other team thought of.


The Great Big Bingo Book
A photocopyable collection of 44 varied, creative, and enjoyable games for all levels

The Great Big Book of Crosswords
A photocopyable collection of 60 crossword puzzles for literacy and ESL students.

Match It

Match It! is a collection of index card games based on the game Matched Pairs in Pro Lingua's Index Card Games for ESL. Matched Pairs is in turn based on the popular game Concentration. There are seven variations of the basic game, and there are 83 sets of cards in this photocopyable teacher resource book.


Index Card Games for ESL
Photocoyable student centered games at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels

Index Card Games for Spanish
Revised in 1998, with elementary, intermediate and advanced games
in Spanish

More Index Card Games
and Activities for ESL

This new and expanded edition features new games and activities, and its larger size is easily photocopied. There are 13 games.

Grammar focused ESL/EFL activities and games

Superphonic Bingo
Superphonic Bingo makes phonics practice an enjoyable learning experience. There are 15 photocopyable games, each game with 8 different cards. Two cards in each game are incomplete, allowing you and the students to create additional cards.


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