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Aesop's Fables: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.

All Around America
Take your students on a trip all around America, visiting 18 famous sites.
American Holidays
Exploring cultural traditions, customs and backgrounds


Bumper Sticker
Witty, Thought-Provoking Sayings from North American Highways
to think, talk, and write about.


Celebrating American Heroes
13 brief plays to be read aloud dramatically. In each play there are a few main characters and a chorus.
Cultural Differences - text
Read, Discuss, and Write
Exploring and Understanding Cultures Using Academic Skills
Dragons without Eyes
These 25 tales will entertain, amuse, and instruct people of all ages. The characters and stories from ancient China offer interesting insights into the culture of a nation that is fast becoming a major player on the world's stage
Heroes From American History
An intermediate integrated skills reader that includes 16 remarkable stories of men and women who struggled and succeeded - includes a variety of engaging activities.
How & Why Folktales
12 Classic folktales for reading and retelling.


This versatile book may be used in a variety of ways. The 52 bio-sketches have a two-page format. The first page has an illustration and a brief biography of the person. The back of the page has a timeline placing the person's life within the context of events and other people in American history.



Living in China
How to Feel at Home, Make Friends, and Enjoy Everyday Life: A Brief Introduction to the Culture for Visitors, Students, and Business Travelers
Living in France
An abundance of cultural facts and insights about France
Living in Greece
An introduction to the culture with facts and insights about Greece
Living in Italy
Everything you need to know about Italian culture and customs
Living in Japan
A readable, entertaining guide with practical advice about Japan 
Living in South Korea
Everything you need to know about living in South Korea.
Moonlight in Türkiye
A Mix of Turkish Music
North American Indian: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Nasreddin Hodja: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Living in the United States
A Brief Guide to the Culture
Pearls of Wisdom
A fascinating and enjoyable collection of stories from Africa and the Caribbean. Cassette tapes/2 CD's also available.
Plays for the Holidays
Your students will enjoy and learn as they read, write, listen, and perform plays.
Exploring North American Meals,
Culinary Practices, and Places

Including a Culinary Tour of Canada and the
United States

by Raymond C. Clark and Jack Miller

24 Photocopyable Lessons,
4 Appendices including recipes and menus,
Answers, Indexes

Taking Students Abroad
An indispensable guide for teachers

Teaching in the United States
A Guide for International Educators A Professional Resource Handbook

This handbook is designed to help international educators, whether visiting scholar, professor, secondary school teacher, or teaching assistant, understand and appropriately respond to their experiences as a teacher in the United States.

This World of Ours
Stanley Frank has developed a varied and challenging collection of photocopyable activities for the advanced-level student.
Real Court Cases to Argue and Resolve
This photocopyable teacher resource is a collection of 40 real court cases, described briefly for intermediate to advanced ELLs and GED students to argue and resolve as if they were serving on a jury.
Where in the World
Travel around the world with your class, joining the adventures of Igor as he visits 30 great places all around our planet Earth.

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