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We welcome comments by teachers who use our materials. If you would like to share your experiences using a specific book, we would like to post it here and on the page for that book.

If you have a more general comment about our materials and/or about our service, we will post it here.

Some teachers encourage us to use their names and email addresses so that other teachers can contact them with questions. This is not necessary.

Send your comments to and Thank you.

Here is a recent example from our mail:

Hello Team Pro Lingua

I just discovered your extensive series of books, which are most creative in originality, practical content and application, and relatively inexpensive. Your personal story of how Pro Lingua came to be is very interesting – good things that start small and grow gradually with a complementary team of players generally lead to a success story, which yours is. All in all, very refreshing. Keep up the excellent work.

Thank you,

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