Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts

Once a year, usually in April and May, Pro Lingua reviews manuscripts that have been accepted for possible publication. Normally 2 to 5 manuscripts are selected for publication by March of the following year.

Along with the quality of the submission, we also consider our needs, which vary from year to year. For that reason, we recommend that you send an email to Ray Clark (address below) to get an initial reaction to your proposal. Provide a brief description of your proposed book. If your idea seems to have potential we will ask you to submit a full proposal according to the guidelines below. Also keep in mind that the best time to submit proposals is January - March 31.

When submitting your proposal, please provide the following information.

1. Author's name, address, home and work phones, fax, and email
2. Focus/Type: Reader, Grammar, Games, Teacher Resource, etc.
3. Supplementary material: CDs, Video, Teacher's Guide, etc.
4. Intended audience: Children, Adult, College, Workplace, etc.
5. Proficiency level (Beginning, Intermediate, etc.)
6. Approximate length
7. Why is this book needed? How does it differ from other books available? How is it better?
8. Where/How/With whom has your material been tested or piloted?
9. State of completion: Finished, In progress, In the planning stage
10. Tentative Table of Contents
11. One or more units/chapters/sections to show the presentation of the material
12. Please note that detailed formatting is not necessary
13. Keep in mind that if you use copyrighted material, you must secure and possibly pay for copyright permission.

Although we will respond to email inquiries, please do not submit proposals electronically. If you want the material returned, include a self-addressed, stamped mailer. If outside the U.S.A. contact us for the cost of returning the submission.

We will review all proposals by the end of May. You may expect to receive our decision by June 30.

Submit initial inquiries to:
Phone: (802)257-7779

Submit all proposals to:
Raymond C. Clark, Senior Editor
Pro Lingua Associates
74 Cotton Mill Hill, Suite A315
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301


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