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Dictations Riddles
Why use dictations? Students generally enjoy them, and they use a wide range of language skills in taking the dictation, checking their work, and then discussing the topic. Why use riddles? Because they are a fun challenge and call on the learners' language skills and general knowledge.

Do As I Say

The basic idea is quite simple. Each activity is based on a highly predictable series of steps, called a Sequence. There are three types: Operations, Procedures, and Rituals.

Each sequence typically includes eight lines of about eight words. The usual procedure involves a pair of students. One student gives a command (says) and the other follows it (does).


These faces invite invention. It's up to you and your students, but Pat Moran (creator of Lexicarry) provides plenty of suggestions in the book. He gives detailed notes on creating and building characters inspired by these faces. Then he provides ideas for role plays, improvised dramas, storytelling and short stories, games and other interactive activities, and explorations of specific cultures and cultural identity.

The Great Big Bingo Book
A photocopyable collection of 44 varied,
creative, and enjoyable games for all levels

Grammar Practice
Worksheets for 212 Interactive Grammar Activities

The Great Big Bingo Book
A photocopyable collection of 44 varied,
creative, and enjoyable games for all levels
Index Card Games for ESL
Easy to prepare student-centered games at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels

Index Card Games Spanish

6 games in each book, easy to prepare and play using 3x5 index cards. Student-centered activities provide practice in:

       vocabulary building
       sentence/paragraph structure
       pronunciation & spelling


This versatile book may be used in a variety of ways. The 52 bio-sketches have a two-page format. The first page has an illustration and a brief biography of the person. The back of the page has a timeline placing the person's life within the context of events and other people in American history.


Lexicarry offers a fun, active, conversational approach to language learning. With this book you can learn any language the active way using one of the Lexicarry word lists and/or someone who knows the language.

The book has 142 pages of full-color drawings illustrating functional language and vocabulary in 190 situational and topical contexts. This amounts to over 4500 everyday words and expressions. The pictures make conversation and interactive learning easy.

Match It

Match It! is a collection of index card games based on the game Matched Pairs in Pro Lingua's Index Card Games for ESL. Matched Pairs is in turn based on the popular game Concentration. There are seven variations of the basic game, and there are 83 sets of cards in this photocopyable teacher resource book.


More Index Card Games
and Activities for ESL

This new and expanded edition features new games and activities, and its larger size is easily photocopied. There are 13 games.
More Thoughts
A Freewriting Journal (in color)
My Thoughts
A Freewriting Jourtnal (in color)
Rhymes 'n Rhythms
32 Rhymes. Read them aloud or chant them as a chorus. These little rhymes will enchant your class

Story Cards - Aesop

What is a Story Card? The basic idea is quite simple. Everyone enjoys telling and listening to stories, jokes, and anecdotes. Telling brief stories is an excellent way for language learners to practice what they're learning, build fluency, and gain confidence and communicative competence.

The stories on these cards are short and full of both humor and wisdom, ideal for telling and retelling. They are written in clear, modified English, progressing from short and easy to longer and more complicated stories.


Story Cards - North American Indians

These 48 animal stories were collected from American Indian tribes across North America. Many of the tales explain how the world came to be as it is-How Chipmunk Got Her Stripes; Why Dogs Don't Talk; Wind; Bluebird and Coyote; How Fire Came to the Sierras; Butterflies. The illustrations, by a popular Native American artist and story teller, draw on symbols and motifs from the many cultures represented to reflect the wisdom and mystery of the great oral tradition of the "animal people" tales.


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