About Us: A Bit of History

In the fall of 1978, the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont (now known as the SIT Graduate Institute) was awarded a two-year contract by the U.S. Peace Corps to develop language teaching and learning materials in uncommonly-taught languages. Ray Clark, Pat Moran, and Andy Burrows were the core staff of the project, and over the two years, they along with several linguists and support staff, produced over 36 books for 12 different languages. from Kiribati to Soninke.

When the contract ended in 1980, Pro Lingua was born, as the three of us decided to continue doing what had been an exciting professional adventure. Ray and Pat went on to other things at SIT, continuing at Pro Lingua associates in the evenings and weekends, and Andy took on a full-time role as a one-man publishing house. Our first book, Language Teaching Techniques was successful and continued in print for 20 years. In 2013 after updating and revision, it was re-published as Teaching Languages for Communication and Accuracy.

We set up our first office in an 1848 house in the center of Brattleboro on the corner of Elm and Elm. Ray lived upstairs and continued various projects for SIT while Andy put more books together and handled orders during the day. Pat did illustrations while continuing at SIT. A few years later, Elise Burrows came on board part-time to help run the office. Part-time became full-time, Ray moved out, and Andy and Elise moved in with their two children.

The last associate to join Pro Lingua was Mike Jerald, our friend, cheerleader, all-around helper, and our first customer (his uncashed check for $5.67 for one copy of Language Teaching Techniques is in a frame on our wall).

By 1999 we had outgrown our house on Elm and Elm, and we moved the office into a big space carved out of the third floor of Brattleboro's old cotton mill, which for most of its life had been the home of Dunham Boot Factory. It is now filled with small entrepreneurial businesses, artist's studios, a jazz center, and a circus school, among others. Our offices overlook the Connecticut River, specifically a backwater under which archeologists have found the foundations of Fort Dummer, the first European settlement in Vermont. Just across the river to the east, we see the seasonal colors come and go on the slopes of Mount Wantastiquet in New Hampshire. To the south just a few miles are the hills of central Massachusetts. It's a nice place to be, and we welcome visitors.

Mike has retired and is enjoying life in Brattleboro as an active member of Brattleboro's theater community. Mike also helps out at some of our conferences, and continues to advise three associates, Ray, Andy, and Elise. Ray spends most of his time serving as editor and marketing coordinator, although he occasionally goes off somewhere or other to teach teachers, most recently in Hanoi, Vietnam. Elise and Andy continue full time doing everything else that needs to be done to keep our business alive and well. Pat has retired from Pro Lingua and teaching.

We have come a long way since 1978, and we now have a list of over 100 titles, along with supplementary materials and CDs, and we look forward to continuing to publish new and distinctive teaching materials.


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