Writing Strategies
A Student-Centered Approach

Second, Revised Editions

By David Kehe and Peggy Dustin Kehe

Book One: High Intermediate ••• Book Two: Advanced Text

In the first section of each book five essay types are covered. The essay sections are followed by sections with fluency writing assignments and grammar exercises that are coordinated with the essay units.




Writing Strategies I


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Writing Strategies, Book One:
Pre-college and College: High Intermediate
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Writing Strategies 2


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Writing Strategies, Book Two:
Pre-college and College: Advanced
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ISBN:  978-0-86647-431-3

Writing Strategies Two - Digital Edition

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These two texts are jam-packed with writing activities for a student-centered writing courses. Simply put, students learn to write by writing, and these books by David and Peggy Kehe keep the students focused on improving their writing from the first to the last minute of the class hour.

There are three sections to each volume

Click here for Sample materials for each section:

There are five essay types in each book, See the box chart above.

Fluency Writing 
In pairs and triads, the students exchange information on a contemporary topic. They finish the activity by summarizing in writing what they have talked about.

Grammar Exercises 
In this section, the students review those pesky grammar problems that always show up in the process of putting thoughts into grammatically accurate sentences. Some of the activities are done individually, others as group work.


Teacher reviews and comments:
JALT Book Review Book II
by Timothy Stewart

Letter from AEI University of Oregon:

To the Kehes:

By the way, here at the American English Institute at the University of Oregon, we are using your "Writing Strategies: Book Two" for our level 5 students. For the first time in ages, we are starting to get much better essays! Thanks for the effort that you and Peggy put into the book.


Bill Walker
Senior Instructor
American English Institute
University of Oregon

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