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Aesop's Fables: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
All Around America
Take your students on a trip all around America, visiting 18 famous sites.
Ask and Task
Questions and Activities for Communication Practice


Bumper Sticker
Witty, Thought-Provoking Sayings from North American Highways
to think, talk, and write about.


Business Communication Strategies
in the International Business World

Conversation Inspirations
A quick easy resource with over 2000 conversation topics
Cultural Differences - text
Read, Discuss, and Write
Exploring and Understanding Cultures Using Academic Skills

Dictations for Discussion
A listening / speaking text. A wide variety of articles, given as dictations, provides topics for lively classroom conversation

Discussion Strategies

Students enjoy developing skills needed at high academic and business levels. Work in real discussion formats: pairs, triads, small groups, large groups, whole class. Discussion topics are high-interest; no in depth background knowledge is needed. . Each unit builds on and recycles previous strategies.

Getting a Fix on Vocabulary
Newspaper articles combined with a study of prefixes, suffixes and affixes
The Great Big Book of Crosswords
A photocopyable collection of 60 crossword puzzles for literacy and ESL students.

The Grammar Review Book
This isn't your ordinary grammar book -- you know the kind: A diagram showing how the present perfect works and a few rules to follow. Then various exercises for applying the rule. Few mistakes are made, and you go on to the next unit. But the students continue to mess up the distinction between the present perfect and simple past. Have you used such a book? This book is different. Using students' strengths, it empowers them to become aware of their errors and to self-correct them.
A photocopyable collection with 15 units with readings, vocabulary exercises, idiom and conversation activities, and an audio CD for listening
The Idiom Book
Idioms, the most difficult and entertaining element of the lively living international language that is English today.

The two-page format of each lesson has four sections.

This collection of improvisations is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the street.

In My Opinion
A Photocopyable Collection of Opinion-Gap Discussion Topics. High School to Adult, Intermediate to Advanced. Get your students talking about their personal views and beliefs. 50 activities designed for young adult and adult learners.
The Modal Book
14 units explore the form, meaning, and use of the American English modal verb system.

Murder at Ocean View College

Murder at Ocean View College is a gripping, contemporary teaching aid for community college, high school, and adult ESL students. Written at a language level that is challenging but not too difficult, Murder at Ocean View College helps students learn vocabulary and idioms in a fun and interesting way.

North American Indian: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Nasreddin Hodja: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Pearls of Wisdom
A fascinating and enjoyable collection of stories from Africa and the Caribbean. Cassette tapes/2 CD's also available.

People at Work

An innovative whole-language program based on recorded interviews with 10 working people.

Who are the people? A bank teller, a shopkeeper, a waiter, an elementary school teacher, a folk singer, a volunteer ombudsman, an industrial engineer, a student dean, a medical intern, and a building contractor. Each individual is successful and a good role model. Each has a compelling story to tell.

Phrasal Verb Affair
In this book your students will encounter over 200 phrasal verbs in the context of a soap opera.
Plays for the Holidays
Your students will enjoy and learn as they read, write, listen, and perform plays.
Pronunciation Practice The Sounds of North American English

Pronunciation Practice is a photocopyable workbook with aural CDs for students of English as a second or foreign language (ELLs) whenever they need to practice their pronunciation.
Grammar focused ESL/EFL activities and games

Solo, Duo, Tri
Puzzles and games for building English language skills

Stress Ruiz

Learning the rules of stress can dramatically improve overall pronunciation. And what better way to teach and learn than with rap music! A fun and positive attitude is all that is required to teach your students the patterns of stress placement in English. These rap activities have been designed to enable even rap music novices to teach the lessons successfully, with ease and a lot of fun.

Talk and Write

These 65 activities have been designed to engage the students personally and creatively, instilling in them a love of writing as they learn to take pride in expressing themselves "on paper." While the students are developing specific skills, they also have fun. They are encouraged to "play with words," to enjoy the process, the adventure of writing and writing well. They will work as well with native English speakers as with ELLs.

Surveys for Conversation
There are 48 surveys arranged according to the school year. Most of the surveys are of general interest and can be used any time of year.

This World of Ours (Advanced)
Stanley Frank has developed a varied and challenging collection of photocopyable activities for the advanced-level student.

Trials and Errors

With its accompanying CD's follows the story of Ann Brown and her new husband JD. They met, fell in love, and married in JD's country and now have come to the US to begin a new life together. It's a drama, with ups and downs, trials and errors. The story begins as they arrive at Ann's parents' house in Springfield - a typical small town in the United States. For the time being they plan to live with Ann's parents.

We the People

13 photocopyable lessons. A much needed introduction to the US government and American politics with readings and exercises to build English language skills and to help anyone who wants to understand the nature and future of American democracy.

Writing Strategies II (Advanced)
Each book has a section on grammar problems and technology.



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