Professional Sharing

Over the years since the first edition of Lexicarry was published, we have been impressed with the great variety of ways students and teachers use Lexicarry.

The beauty of the web and of our site is that it lets us all share personally and professionally. You may be teaching English in Poland, Thailand, or Brooklyn in a community center or at a university. Or you maybe teaching Italian, Spanish, Japanese, or German. Or perhaps you're using Lexicarry to learn a language on your own in Tibet, Mongolia, Tajikastan, or Mozambique. We invite you to share your reaction to the book and/or your bright ideas for using it. Tell other students and teachers what has worked and what hasn't.

And please, if you have developed even a partial word list in some language we haven't gotten to yet, let us know. We'd like to share it with others all over the world who are interested.

Among the schools using Lexicarry in creative ways is The Summer Institute for Linguistics. A main link to their site is ( One section of the site is the first phase of a seven phase learning program developed by Gred Thompson. This first phase, the "Silent Phase," is about listening and responding nonverbally.


If you have used lexicarry in some ways that have been successful, we encourage you to share your techniques with other professionals. Just click on the link below and submit them. Thank you.

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