The best way to understand LEXICARRY is to look at the pictures and imagine what you would do with them. Here are samples from each section of the book, followed by brief suggestions of what students might do with them working together and making reference, when necessary, to the word list. Other samples are shown in the "How to Use Lexicarry" Teacher's Guide.

Acrobat Reader (version 4.0 or later) is needed to open and use the Lexicarry samples.

Click on the link to see the sample in color or black & white. We invite you to print the pictures, photocopy them if you wish, and try them out. These samples don't do justice to the color, but they suggest how much life and conversation you'll find in every page of the Lexicarry.

Functions Sample Operations Sample Places Sample Proverbs Sample Related Actions Sample Sequences Sample Topics Sample
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