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Introduction explaining
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Sample lessons

15 units with readings, vocabulary exercises, idiom and conversation activities, and an audio CD for listening
The Vocabulary of Our Bodies and Health Care

By Raymond C. Clark

A Photocopyable Resource

Intermediate to Advanced
Middle School to Adult

Health, text - $21.50


Health, audio CD - $9.50

ISBN: 978-0-86647-539-8

Health, reader/ audio CD - $31.00

ISBN: 978-0-86647-540-2


The Vocabulary of Our Bodies and Health Care

An Introduction with Readings, Vocabulary, Idioms, and Discussion

The purpose of this book is to help English language learners increase their vocabulary in the semantic field of health. A secondary purpose is to increase awareness of and knowledge about personal and public health, an important aspect of everyone’s everyday life. Health is appropriate for intermediate English language learners from middle school to adult. It would also be suitable for native speakers who need to improve their vocabulary in the area of health care. It can be used by individuals in a class setting or by individuals doing self-study. The audio component could be especially helpful for the self-studier. There are 15 units in a four-page format. The first page of the unit introduces the topic and the 12 to 16 key words that will be the lexical focus of the unit. The purpose of the first page is to raise the learner’s awareness of the topic of the unit – to get them thinking. The second page is a reading that frames the key words and introduces the information and concepts of the unit’s theme. The third page has two exercises that focus on the form and usage of the key words. The fourth page features a variety of activities that explore the idiomatic and colloquial aspects of the topic. The individual units are photocopyable so that users may select material that is appropriate. Copying the entire book is not permitted. The units proceed from easiest and shortest to more difficult. It is recommended that you begin with Unit One, The Body and proceed unit by unit to the last unit, Birth and Death. A lot of the vocabulary and concepts naturally recycles. For example, the parts of the body in Unit One will recur in subsequent units.

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