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Handwriting Basics
Practice for Beginners

A handwriting practice book for anyone learning to write using the English alphabet.

By Raymond C. Clark

Beginner ELL and Basic Literacy
Learners of any age, appropriate for adults.

Handwriting Basics, text - $15.00

ISBN: 978-0-86647-522-8

Handwriting Basics

Practice for Beginners

This book is for anyone who needs help in forming the various shapes of the letters of the English alphabet. It can be used by young or old, and it can be used with beginning learners of English as a new language, particularly those unfamiliar with the “Roman” alphabet. It is recommended that the English language learner have control over very basic grammatical skills and a spoken vocabulary of about 300 words.

This book may be used by learners working independently, but the support and encouragement of a helper will make the work faster and more fun.

Although the emphasis and purpose are to develop the hand-eye coordination that allows the writer to produce legible script, the practice exercises that focus on shape formation are also done in a very simple context so that the work is somewhat more meaningful than the simple drawing of lines. For that reason the learners are also asked to put letters together to form words, for example, stop, enter, woman, taxi.

The practice work involves printing capital letters (also called upper case) and small letters (lower case). “Capital” and “small” are used in this book. The book also introduces cursive , but it does not offer extensive cursive practice. The decision to work on cursive is left primarily to the learner and helper and will depend on the situation. This practice book’s purpose is to develop printed writing.

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