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Unit 14 Montreal | Unit 16 Making a Bean Taco | Unit 22 Jackie Chan

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Book One in the Read and Learn Series. You can read about the world we live in -- our home and the places in it. You can read about the things we do -- work, play, travel, study, shop, talk, email, and eat. And you can learn a lot of useful English.

There are 40 units in this book. Each unit has a reading and three exercises. The units are easy to do.

Do the reading

Do the exercises

Check your answers (the answers start on page 82)

But first, you should understand these instructions before you begin to work.

____ Write the correct word in each blank.

____ Choose the best answer.

____ Put the words in the correct order.

____ Complete each sentence.

____ Match each question with the correct answer.

____ Match each sentence with a response.

____ Combine the two sentences into one sentence.

Unit 14 Montreal | Unit 16 Making a Bean Taco | Unit 22 Jackie Chan

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