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A Photocopyable Collection of 153 Riddles

Dictation Riddles
by Jane Gragg Lewis

High-Beginning to Advanced
Middle School, High School, University, Adult

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Dictation Riddles

A Photocopyable Collection of 153 Riddles
by Jane Gragg Lewis

Who am I? What am I? People, places, things
from around the world and throughout history.
Dictations building language skills and vocabulary.

Why use dictations? Students generally enjoy them, and they use a wide range of language skills in taking the dictation, checking their work, and then discussing the topic. Teachers find them easy-to-use.

Why use riddles? Because they are a fun challenge and call on the learners' language skills and general knowledge. They can be used with groups large and small and with individuals, and there is always the fun of competition, either with oneself or with others. The subject matter of these riddles is varied and offers anyone the opportunity to learn about fascinating people, places, and things from all around the world in the present and past.

For a full explanation of the book, review the Table of Contents and Introduction. You can also review the Sample Riddles, and then print them out and try them out in class.

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