Notes to the Teacher


Coloring in English
A Vocabulary Builder for Beginners

by Tracy Speelman

Beginners of all ages

Coloring in English $12.50

ISBN 13: 978-0-86647-363-7
ISBN 10: 0-86647-363-7

Coloring in English

Ideal for beginning literacy and/or English language learners of all ages - Everyday basic vocabulary, sight words, illustrated with simple drawings designed for coloring by children or adults or children and adults learning together.

Coloring in English was created to provide learners of all ages with a fun way to learn new vocabulary and important sight words. Adults and children can relax and color while they learn. The drawings are clear and playful, easy to understand and fun to color, leaving the choice of pictures and colors to the creative imaginations of the learners. If they are interested in the useful names of things found in every room of a home, or in parts of cars, or parts of the body, or tools, all this vocabulary is in the book, ready to be colored, and learned, and talked about.

Coloring in English includes 40 basic vocabulary topics with 10 items on every page.


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