Preface to the Teacher
Introduction for the Student
363 "Bumper Sticker" sayings
Blank and "I ..." stickers
Bumper Sticker User's Guide:
14 Teaching Techniques
Bumper Sticker Index

Sample Pages

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Bumper Sticker

Witty, Thought-Provoking Sayings
from North American Highways
to think, talk, and write about

Collected and edited by
Arthur A. Burrows

A Photocopyable Resource
Intermediate to Advanced
Middle School to Adult

Bumper Sticker $21.50 book

ISBN 13: 978-0-86647-346-0

Bumper Sticker

This is photocopyable source for conversation and writing prompts that will amuse and challenge students around the world.

Some Samples

This book is about an odd, fascinating, and funny side of contemporary North American culture. It is a collection of 363 bumper sticker sayings that express people's opinions on a great variety of subjects from religion to politics to the environment to the "battle of the sexes." Most use humor and witty language.

The book contains 60 photocopyable pages of bumper sticker sayings, an explanatory preface for the teacher, and an introduction for the student: "Why Do So Many People in the United States and Canada Love Bumper Stickers?" There is also a Bumper Sticker Users Guide: 14 Teaching Techniques, and photocopyable blank forms for collecting new stickers.

This collection of Bumper Sticker sayings was chosen to provoke interesting conversations or writing about both the language and the culture. Although the bumper stickers and this book are meant to prompt students to think and talk, they can also be read for fun.


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