Special Offers!

 1. 20% discount - Only on the Internet!
 Slightly damaged copies of some of our best sellers.
To take advantage of this offer, please request slightly damaged copies (when available) in the Special Instructions/Comments window at check-out time.
  People At Work @$12.00
  People At Work Student Package @$21.60
  People At Work Teacher's Package @$31.20
  Vocabulary Games @ $19.60
  Advanced Vocabulary Games @ 19.60
 2. Other Drastically Reduced Prices!
(No other discounts apply.)
Living in France @$2.00
Living in Japan @$2.00
  Max in America Teacher's Handbook* @$2.00
  Taking Students Abroad@$2.00
  Wheels and Wings @$5.00
*For more information on these books, call the PLA Hotline: 800-366-4775
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