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A To Z Picture Activities for Literacy
Phonics And Vocabulary for Emerging Readers
From Sound to Sentence
This book is for learners who have some familiarity with spoken English, but little skill as readers or writers. It can also be useful as a remedial text for learners who are struggling with English spelling.
Pronunciation Practice The Sounds of North American English

Pronunciation Practice is a photocopyable workbook with aural CDs for students of English as a second or foreign language (ELLs) whenever they need to practice their pronunciation.
Rhymes 'n Rhythms
32 Rhymes. Read them aloud or chant them as a chorus. These little rhymes will enchant your class.

Superphonic Bingo
Superphonic Bingo makes phonics practice an enjoyable learning experience. There are 15 photocopyable games, each game with 8 different cards. Two cards in each game are incomplete, allowing you and the students to create additional cards.

Teaching North American English Pronunciation

This book is for the person who is helping a learner of North American English develop and improve their pronunciation. Part One introduces the basics of English phonology with reference to the writing system that represents it. Part Two is a collection of photocopyable handouts that can be used to help English language learners of all ages from the high beginning to advanced proficiency.





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