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Aesop's Fables: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.

American Holidays
Exploring cultural traditions, customs and backgrounds


Bumper Sticker
Witty, Thought-Provoking Sayings from North American Highways
to think, talk, and write about.


Conversation Strategies
Pair and group activities for developing communicative competence at the intermediate level

Dragons without Eyes
These 25 tales will entertain, amuse, and instruct people of all ages. The characters and stories from ancient China offer interesting insights into the culture of a nation that is fast becoming a major player on the world's stage.

Got It! is the latest in Pro Lingua's collection of language learning games. It's simple, easy to play, fun , and a learning experience. Similar to the popular game Scattergories, teams compete to come up with a list of words that contains individual words that no other team thought of.

Heroes From American History
An intermediate integrated skills reader that includes 16 remarkable stories of men and women who struggled and succeeded - includes a variety of engaging activities.
How & Why Folktales
12 Classic folktales for reading and retelling.
Interactive Dictations
This is a book of dictations, but with Interactive Dictations, students do much more than take down what they hear. They interact in guided discussions, reacting, debating, deciding, solving, comparing, critiquing, or just talking together.

Write after Imput
Write after Input prepares students for the more challenging academic writing tasks of Writing Strategies. However, it can be used as a stand-alone text to help students become better writers for everyday purposes. Similar in approach to Writing Strategies, this book uses entertaining student-centered activities to lead them inductively to better writing.

Living in the USA

A Brief Guide to the Culture

North American Indian: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Nasreddin Hodja: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Exploring North American Meals,
Culinary Practices, and Places

Including a Culinary Tour of Canada and the
United States

by Raymond C. Clark and Jack Miller

24 Photocopyable Lessons,
4 Appendices including recipes and menus,
Answers, Indexes

Pronunciation Practice The Sounds of North American English

Pronunciation Practice is a photocopyable workbook with aural CDs for students of English as a second or foreign language (ELLs) whenever they need to practice their pronunciation.

Solo, Duo, Tri
Puzzles and games for building English language skills

Talk and Write

These 65 activities have been designed to engage the students personally and creatively, instilling in them a love of writing as they learn to take pride in expressing themselves "on paper." While the students are developing specific skills, they also have fun. They are encouraged to "play with words," to enjoy the process, the adventure of writing and writing well. They will work as well with native English speakers as with ELLs.

Surveys for Conversation
There are 48 surveys arranged according to the school year. Most of the surveys are of general interest and can be used any time of year.
Vocabulary Games
Reproducible teacher resource titles for english learners. Available in easy, intermediate and advanced.

Write For You

This is a teacher resource book with copyable handouts for use with intermediate level students, especially those who are intending to further their education at a community college or other training program. It was created and used successfully by two teachers in an adult education center.

 Wheels and Wings

Transportation and travel effect our lives in many interesting ways. There are many related cultural, environmental, and economic issues for discussion. This book describes walling, automobiles, airlines, railroads, buses, boats, taxicabs, subways, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and for fun, RVs and snowmobiles. The introductory reading gives some historical perspective.

Writing Strategies, One

This text is jam-packed with writing activities for a student-centered writing course. Simply put, students learn to write by writing, and this book by David and Peggy Kehe keep the students focused on improving their writing from the first to the last minute of the class hour.



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