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Aesop's Fables: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Ask and Task
Questions and Activities for Communication Practice

Basic Conversation Strategies
Learning the Art of Interactive Listening and Conversing


Bumper Sticker
Witty, Thought-Provoking Sayings from North American Highways
to think, talk, and write about.


Business Communication Strategies
in the International Business World

Celebrating Amerian Heroes
13 brief plays to be read aloud dramatically. In each play there are a few main characters and a chorus.


Conversation Inspirations
A quick easy resource with over 2000 conversation topics


Conversation Strategies
Pair and group activities for developing communicative competence at the intermediate level


Dictations for Discussion
A listening / speaking text. A wide variety of articles, given as dictations, provides topics for lively classroom conversation


Discussion Strategies
38 activities for developing real discussion skills, high-intermediate to advanced


Do As I Say
Each activity is based on a highly predictable series of steps, called a Sequence. There are three types: Operations, Procedures, and Rituals.

English Interplay
Fun, interactive basic lessons for adult beginners, skills needed for surviving


Faces These faces invite invention. It's up to you and your students, but Pat Moran (creator of Lexicarry) provides plenty of suggestions in the book. He gives detailed notes on creating and building characters inspired by these faces

Go Fish
Go Fish is not just a card game. It is a collection of 86 pairs of brightly colored vocabulary cards showing pictures of things you would find in a home, from knife, fork, and spoon to wastebasket, desk, and computer. The playing cards come bound into a teacher's book, two to a page, to be cut out and used in many different ways.

Got It! is the latest in Pro Lingua's collection of language learning games. It's simple, easy to play, fun , and a learning experience. Similar to the popular game Scattergories, teams compete to come up with a list of words that contains individual words that no other team thought of.


Great Dictations is a high beginner/low intermediate-level text that is intended to improve the listening and speaking skills of ESL students. Reading and writing skills are also reinforced, along with attention to vocabulary and grammar. This text provides a wide variety of dictation topics, including provocative news items and information from the Internet.


This collection of improvisations is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the street.


In My Opinion
A Photocopyable Collection of Opinion-Gap Discussion Topics. High School to Adult, Intermediate to Advanced. Get your students talking about their personal views and beliefs. 50 activities designed for young adult and adult learners.


Index Card Games for ESL
A variety of ESL skill games for all levels, photocopyable

Interactive Dictations
This is a book of dictations, but with Interactive Dictations, students do much more than take down what they hear. They interact in guided discussions, reacting, debating, deciding, solving, comparing, critiquing, or just talking together.
Lessons on Life The purpose of this book is to develop the skills of reading, critical thinking, and discussing - essential skills in academia and the workplace.

Lexicarry is a book of pictures that stimulate conversation exploring the language and particularly everyday expressions and vocabulary. FREE Lexicarry word lists now available in French, German, Italian

Nasreddin Hodja: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
North American Indian: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.

Pearls of Wisdom
A fascinating and enjoyable collection of stories from Africa and the Caribbean. Cassette tapes/2 CD's also available.


People at Work
An innovative whole-language program based on recorded interviews with 10 working people


Phrasal Verb Affair
In this book your students will encounter over 200 phrasal verbs in the context of a soap opera.


Plays for the Holidays
Your students will enjoy and learn as they read, write, listen, and perform plays.


Rhymes 'n Rhythms
32 Rhymes. Read them aloud or chant them as a chorus. These little rhymes will enchant your class



Surveys for Conversation
There are 48 surveys arranged according to the school year. Most of the surveys are of general interest and can be used any time of year.



Talk Abouts  72 Everyday Situations Illustrated to Stimulate
Conversation, Listening,Writing, and Vocabulary Development

Talk and Write

These activities have been designed to engage the students personally and creatively, instilling in them a love of writing as they learn to take pride in expressing themselves "on paper." While the students are developing specific skills, they also have fun. They are encouraged to "play with words," to enjoy the process, the adventure of writing and writing well. They will work as well with native English speakers as with ELLs.


This World of Ours
Stanley Frank has developed a varied and challenging collection of photocopyable activities for the advanced-level student.


What's Ahead?

This book is for the intermediate to advanced ELL or Adult Education student who is considering pursuing a career after leaving an English language or GED program. It explores six careers where job growth is expected in the 21st century.

Where in the World
Where in the World is a low-level integrated skills text. As the "Where" implies, the linguistic content emphasizes the WH questions. The first unit uses just under 100 words in short, simple sentences.



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