Multi- Skills
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ng>North American Indian: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Aesop's Fables: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.

All Around America
Take your students on a trip all around America, visiting 18 famous sites.
A To Z Picture Activities for Literacy
Phonics And Vocabulary for Emerging Readers

Business Communication Strategies
in the International Business World

Cultural Differences - text
Read, Discuss, and Write
Exploring and Understanding Cultures Using Academic Skills


Dragons without Eyes
These 25 tales will entertain, amuse, and instruct people of all ages. The characters and stories from ancient China offer interesting insights into the culture of a nation that is fast becoming a major player on the world's stage.



Dictations for Discussion
A listening / speaking text. A wide variety of articles, given as dictations, provides topics for lively classroom conversation


Dictations Riddles
Why use dictations? Students generally enjoy them, and they use a wide range of language skills in taking the dictation, checking their work, and then discussing the topic. Why use riddles? Because they are a fun challenge and call on the learners' language skills and general knowledge.

English Interplay

English Interplay is a textbook for absolute beginning learners of English. It is suitable for young adult and older learners. There are just over 700 words in the ten lessons of the book. These 700 words include virtually all of the words at the survival level in Pro Lingua's The Learner's Lexicon.* Thus, the subtitle of the book: Surviving.


Great Dictations is a high beginner/low intermediate-level text that is intended to improve the listening and speaking skills of ESL students. Reading and writing skills are also reinforced, along with attention to vocabulary and grammar. This text provides a wide variety of dictation topics, including provocative news items and information from the Internet.

Heroes From American History
An intermediate integrated skills reader that includes 16 remarkable stories of men and women who struggled and succeeded - includes a variety of engaging activities.
How & Why Folktales
12 Classic folktales for reading and retelling.
Interactive Dictations
This is a book of dictations, but with Interactive Dictations, students do much more than take down what they hear. They interact in guided discussions, reacting, debating, deciding, solving, comparing, critiquing, or just talking together. This is the approach of the authors' earlier book as well, but in this book the dictations are somewhat easier and shorter, and the students finish with a writing task.
Nasreddin Hodja: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
North American Indian: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Nasreddin Hodja: Story Cards
Stories for reading and retelling.
Pearls of Wisdom
A fascinating and enjoyable collection of stories from Africa and the Caribbean. Cassette tapes/2 CD's also available.
People at Work
An innovative whole-language program based on recorded interviews with 10 working people

Solo, Duo, Tri
Puzzles and games for building English language skills

What's Ahead?

This book is for the intermediate to advanced ELL or Adult Education student who is considering pursuing a career after leaving an English language or GED program. It explores six careers where job growth is expected in the 21st century.

Where in the World
Travel around the world with your class, joining the adventures of Igor as he visits 30 great places all around our planet Earth.



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