Critical Thinking

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Clue by Clue
Clue by Clue This photocopyable collection of 31 short mysteries asks your students to be detectives investigating a variety of puzzles and crimes. The students listen to or read a mystery. The first clue is revealed. Discussion follows. A second clue is revealed. More discussion. The picture changes and emerges as the clues are revealed one-by-one and discussed until the mystery is solved or the solution is given.

Lessons on Life, Learning, and Leadership for Reading, Thinking, and Discussing
Lessons on Life, Learning, and Leadership for Reading, Thinking, and Discussing The purpose of this book is to develop the skills of reading, critical thinking, and discussing - essential skills in the workplace and academia, particularly in college preparation or other intensive English programs.. The book also offers opportunities to develop the learner's vocabulary and gain additional insights into contemporary American culture. This photocopyable collection of "lessons" is intended for high-intermediate and advanced learners of English. Part One of the book includes 94 of the author's observations on his daily life, and Part Two includes his conclusions. The challenge to the learners is to read his brief observations, think about what can be learned from them, discuss their conclusions with classmates, and then consider his conclusions – an effective and fun exercise in Critical Thinking.
Dictations Riddles
Why use dictations? Students generally enjoy them, and they use a wide range of language skills in taking the dictation, checking their work, and then discussing the topic. Why use riddles? Because they are a fun challenge and call on the learners' language skills and general knowledge.
Talking with Americans
The book features 24 informal, idiom-rich dialogues between international students and their American friends. 12 are on college campuses and 12 could be on or off campus. The friends discuss issues of personal and cultural interest. Learners listen and practice “talking like an American.” The practice activities are designed to help the learners practice using the suprasegmental system: stress, intonation, rhythm, linking, and phrasing. This is key to speaking intelligibly, to being understood, and to “accent reduction." There is a strong focus on building appropriate vocabulary. American expressions and idioms are used in natural contexts. Two audio CDs provide important listening and pronunciation work.
Thinking Deeper
This collection of 53 copyable thinking/discussion activities features a wide variety of critically important contemporary social issues, problems, and solutions that affect every citizen of Planet Earth. It is aimed at a young adult and adult audience of English language learners at an intermediate and higher proficiency level. With some adaptation it can also be used selectively with middle school students
Real Court Cases to Argue and Resolve
This photocopyable teacher resource is a collection of 40 real court cases, described briefly for intermediate to advanced ELLs and GED students to argue and resolve as if they were serving on a jury.

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